Michael J Dorfman Become Fearless in a Fearful World

Become Fearless in a Fearful World

Investigative Author

Michael J. Dorfman, is an accomplished author and speaker. In his most recent book, “Information Warfare” he examines how and why information is being manipulated. As a certified expert on Plant-Based nutrition, his book, “The Thriving Vegan,” exposed the orchestrated misinformation and manipulation tactics of the agriculture, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.

The immoral actions of these powerful global forces continues today…

Do you have questions and concerns about the validity (or truth) of the mainstream news on some of today’s critical global issues?



This latest book by Michael J Dorfman dives deep into these critical issues and discovers the dark reality of why and how information is manipulated. The author’s in-depth research exposes a relentless pursuit of power and control by governments, corporations, and institutions and use of the mainstream media to promote their agendas. The results of their actions not only threaten our personal health but the future existence of planet Earth and its species.

The Thriving Vegan

Evidence-based research continues to prove that by choosing whole plant-based foods over animal products and processed foods we can develop a robust immune system and experience optimal health and wellbeing. This decision not only provides us with our best protection against present and future pathogens but also offers us a viable solution for saving planet Earth and its species.

The COVID Connection

by Michael J. Dorfman

How to Thrive (not merely survive) in a Chaotic and Uncertain World

This is a must read for people interested in natural lifestyle solutions for Covid and any future pandemic.


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