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The Nutrition, Lifestyle & Covid Connection - How to Thrive...

This is a must read for people interested in natural lifestyle solutions for Covid and any future pandemic. And I'll keep you up to date with a weekly health letter, full of useful tips and interesting topics.

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by Michael J. Dorfman

Evidence-based research continues to prove that by choosing whole plant-based foods over animal products and processed foods we can develop a robust immune system and experience optimal health and wellbeing. This decision not only provides us with our best protection against present and future pathogens but also offers us a viable solution for saving planet Earth and its species

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“As a vegetarian for nearly 40 years reading Michael J. Dorfman's "The Thriving Vegan" has convinced me to become a true vegan.Michael's wisdom and years as an educator has given this truly aware and informed author the power to inform and convince.I recommend "The Thriving Vegan" and a vegan lifestyle to all interested in living a healthy and long life!”
Peter Magurean

"I suffered with high blood pressure and high cholesterol for most of my life. After reading Mr. Dorfman's book, The Thriving Vegan, I started eating only plant based foods. It is now several months later. I am off all medications. Both my blood pressure and cholesterol are now in the normal range. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to change his/her diet and possibly avoid taking medications."

Jack Finch

"Michael’s book really helped me look at my relationship to food and the power I have in making better decisions. Surprisingly accessible, it touches on many topics, from what’s in the kitchen to the business of medicine. Having a deeper understanding of what I’m putting in my body made switching and maintaining a vegan lifestyle easier. Would highly recommend to anyone wondering what veganism is all about."

Lao-Tze Smith

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During these past years, the inspiration to pass on to others what I have been experiencing and learning started with my friend Beatriz from Cozumel, Mexico, who underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 2011. Although she survived the operation, she began suffering from recurring pain in her arm a year later. After an examination and tests, the doctors told her that a stent would be required to open up the newly clogged artery. Unfortunately, the stent didn't fit, so the surgeon said that there was nothing more to do. Just go home and try not to exert yourself or climb stairs.

For Beatriz to accept this prognosis would mean to agree that her life was pretty much over at age 72. What they didn't tell her but told my wife and her son was that she had approximately 6 months to live. Looking back now, I believe it was probably fortunate that she didn't know. When doctors tell a patient how long they have left, more often than not, depression sets in, all hope evaporates, and they die as predicted.

Aware of the gravity of the situation, I spoke to her about Whole Food Vegan Nutrition and the positive effects it was having on my health. Also, by that time, some doctors were having success reversing cardiovascular diseases with plant-based diets. After concluding that there were not many alternatives available, Beatriz decided to give it a try. I gave her a copy of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease." It was the book that motivated Bill Clinton to change his diet to improve his health after heart surgery and avoid the need for future stents. 

To the surprise of her doctors, within weeks, her health began to improve noticeably, and as the months and years passed, her doctors were astounded by her recovery. Instead of 6 months, Beatriz lived for seven fruitful years. Although the doctors had given up hope, for me, her recovery was simply a result of her changing her diet. As soon as she stopped eating the artery-clogging foods that contributed to her heart disease, her body started to heal itself. Although Beatriz passed away in 2018, the cause was unrelated to her heart problem.

This experience had a significant impact on me. I had read about the curative power of plant-based foods, but it became so much more personal when I had the opportunity to help a close friend in need. I couldn't understand why doctors didn't offer their patients a non-invasive nutrition option before insisting on bypass surgery. I also thought, "if plant-based nutrition is capable of reversing cardiovascular disease, are there other diseases it can also reverse?" It was then that I understood my purpose. I want to help people by informing and teaching them about nutrition and lifestyle choices as the go-to way to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

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Knowing Our Body and Knowing Ourselves

A Note from Michael Dorfman

Hi, I’m Michael Dorfman, 

After 32 years as a vegetarian and the past 12 years as a Whole Food Vegan, I feel that the time has come to share what I have been learning and to support people who are considering a change in nutritional lifestyle, or at least…are thinking about it. 

Since making the change to Whole Food Vegan nutrition, my wife Delia and I have been experiencing significant health benefits while discovering a whole new way of looking at the world of nutrition and health. This discovery stems from personal experiences, the experience of others as well as factual information from experts in the field.

Because we are being bombarded by so much conflicting nutrition information there is so much confusion; people do not know what to believe anymore or what to do. It is time for a new perspective. My passion and my goal is to shed light on and bring clarity to this confusion in an entertaining and informative way. Once that happens, you'll know that there are healthy and flavorful nutrition options available and have the chance to make a change…if the time is ripe for you.

Take care,


The Nutrition, Lifestyle & Covid Connection - How to Thrive...

This is a must read for people interested in natural lifestyle solutions for Covid and any future pandemic. And I'll keep you up today with a weekly health letters, that is full of useful tips and interesting topics.

Once you enter your details and submit your free ebook will be sent to your inbox for you to download.

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