Nutrition, Lifestyle and COVID Connection

Nutrition, Lifestyle and COVID Connection

The Nutrition, Lifestyle & COVID Connection

How to Thrive (not merely survive) in a Chaotic and Uncertain World

This is a must read for people interested in natural lifestyle solutions for Covid and any future pandemic.

  • Being healthy and having a robust immune system is a priority for feeling safe, protected, and free of fear and anxiety during pandemics and the times in between.
  • You are concerned and even disagree with certain critical decisions that have been and are still being made by people in power during these past two and a half years.
  • You believe that the citizens of planet Earth, not governments, health institutions, corporations, or the media, should ultimately be responsible for our health decisions.
  • You want to achieve optimal health and a robust immune system…naturally.

I invite You To Take This Journey With Me, To:

  1. Understand where we are today with regards to covid and the pandemic.
  2. Revive an ignored history of how we got here.
  3. Realize our potential for building a future where we and future generations can thrive.
  4. Re-discover our body’s self-healing powers including my 11 keys to optimal health and a robust immune system.

Peter Magurean

“As a vegetarian for nearly 40 years reading Michael J. Dorfman’s “The Thriving Vegan” has convinced me to become a true vegan.Michael’s wisdom and years as an educator has given this truly aware and informed author the power to inform and convince.I recommend “The Thriving Vegan” and a vegan lifestyle to all interested in living a healthy and long life!”

Jack Finch

“I suffered with high blood pressure and high cholesterol for most of my life. After reading Mr. Dorfman’s book, The Thriving Vegan, I started eating only plant based foods. It is now several months later. I am off all medications. Both my blood pressure and cholesterol are now in the normal range. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to change his/her diet and possibly avoid taking medications.”

Lao-Tze Smith

“Michael’s book really helped me look at my relationship to food and the power I have in making better decisions. Surprisingly accessible, it touches on many topics, from what’s in the kitchen to the business of medicine. Having a deeper understanding of what I’m putting in my body made switching and maintaining a vegan lifestyle easier. Would highly recommend to anyone wondering what veganism is all about.”

Adam Schwartz

“The Thriving Vegan not only does it have excellent information about nutrition and health but it goes beyond to also include other aspects of the world that influences one’s health. Most importantly the book is backed by the success of the author’s personal life experience and health.”

Sharon Jeffers

“Michael not only has a well-rounded perspective and great knowledge regarding diet and health, he has a tremendous wisdom when it comes to living life in general. His book, The Thriving Vegan, is for anyone who wishes to simply thrive on a plant-based diet. The basis of his book is how to love yourself and your body with the foods you eat, those foods being the foods that your body loves and benefits from.Happiness and good health are our greatest possibilities. Michael Dorfman shows us how to live in the happiness and joy of good health. This is a great book, easy to read and apply on a daily basis.”

Delia Treviño

The book, The Thriving Vegan by Michael Dorfman, has informed me of many factors that influence our health. By understanding his knowledge I have been able to improve my health through a plant-based diet. I have learned to cook all kinds of plant-based dishes without fat, oils and processed foods. I also use, as much as possible, organic products. Thank you Michael.

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Nutrition, Lifestyle and COVID Connection