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Welcome to the Wisdom Years

We can agree that most older adults in the West dislike talking about age, especially after they get into their 70s (I’m 82). They may even say they’re younger than their actual chronological age. How many actors and actresses get countless surgeries to turn back the clock, aka “The Benjamin Button syndrome”? And, of course, if they do it, why not the rest of us? In contrast, among populations where people are healthier and live longer, advanced age is considered a status symbol. It’s a time when the aged garner respect from the young; when the elders are greatly respected and admired for their wisdom, which comes from a lifetime of experience and accumulation of knowledge. Reaching a ripe old age is considered a status symbol in certain Eastern societies (i.e., China, Japan, Africa, and India) and in “Blue Zone” populations (Okinawa, Japan, Loma Linda, California, Ikaria, Greece, Sardinia, Italy and Nicoya, Costa Rica). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was that way in the West?

You're not getting old, you're getting awesome!
Youre Not Getting Old

Wisdom Years

From my eight decades of experience, I believe it’s time to get out of the trap of a common Western concept of old age, which portrays getting old as a tragedy, and begin to look at advanced age as the “Wisdom Years.” This shift in perspective is not just a wishful thinking, but a call to action. How do we do this? To start, we should take responsibility for our health and wellbeing, and stop believing other people’s preconceived ideas about aging. For the most part, these ideas have been formulated by people younger than us who have no idea what it means to grow old, just like we didn’t understand our parents, when we were younger. It’s up to us to change this narrative. 

keys for optimal health

Youth has its blessings. We know that because we experienced them when we were younger. As we age, our body gradually loses physical and mental attributes. This is natural. What is also natural is that there is a well of wisdom and clarity inside us based on a lifetime of learning, understanding, and experience. If we can connect with that blessing, we will have the opportunity to experience our inner attributes and share what we know with our peers and the younger generations. The caveat is that to take advantage of the opportunity; we must be healthy and free from chronic diseases that lead to unnecessary suffering and a shortened lifespan.  Fortunately, the following keys for optimal health have been gifted to us by the elders representing the healthiest and longest-living populations on the planet. All we need to do is accept their wisdom and put them into practice:

  • A diet comprised mainly of whole vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds.
  •  Daily exercise – walking, running, hiking, swimming, dancing, pickleball, etc.
  •  Stay active and avoid a sedentary lifestyle
  •  Reduce stress (i.e., meditation, yoga, tai chi, exercise, sports, dancing) 
  •  Develop caring community relationships
  •  Find purpose and meaning in your life. 
  •  Experience optimal health and pleasure from a healthy body
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Michael J Dorfman Investigative Author
Michael J Dorfman, an expert and noted author on plant based nutrition, has written this fascinating and provocative new book, Information Warfare - The Battle for Truth and Freedom." Via detailed research and personal anecdotes, he exposes the manipulation of information by the media, corporations, governments, and industries on practically everything that relates to an individual's mental and physical health and well-being.

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