Michael J Dorfman Investigative Author Michael J Dorfman, an expert and noted author on plant based nutrition, has written this fascinating and provocative new book, […]

At the Cusp of a New World

Come Gather ‘Round People Wherever You Roam

We are at the cusp of a new world, a world where nations accustomed to bullying other countries and spreading misinformation and fake news are being asked to change their ways or step aside and let the transformation happen. The time for change is now, and it’s up to us to make it a reality.

As an investigative author, I am conscious of this situation and fortunate to play a role in this unfolding paradigm shift towards a multipolar world to replace the present unipolar world. But it’s not just me who needs to play a part in making the change happen. A positive and lasting outcome depends on all of us. Countries and people of different cultures, religions, and beliefs are now given the unique opportunity to join the new multipolar world order, emphasizing cooperation and respect among nations instead of conflict and contempt.

At the cusp of a new world

In my book ‘Information Warfare — The Battle for Truth and Freedom,’ I don’t just shed light on information manipulation tactics; I illuminate them. I expose the misinformation, propaganda, fake news, and lies used by governments to maintain their hegemony status and empower you with the knowledge to see through these tactics and understand the truth.

Transform belief into knowing and fear into fearlessness

The journey towards truth is not an easy one. There is always the trap of what I call the “baa” syndrome…to go along with what the masses believe. It is an easy and comfortable way out and requires minimum effort. I invite people to think critically by 1) seeking out and contemplating different points of view on the issues and 2) choosing the perspectives that make the most sense. This can transform belief into knowing and fear into fearlessness and courage. Banking on governments, institutions, and corporations to come up with solutions to the critical and existential issues we face today is a very long shot. Authorities are more interested in growing their wealth and power than coming up with answers that will benefit you and me.

What can you do?

  1. Empower yourself with knowledge from alternative sources.
  2. Be skeptical of mass movements where everyone thinks alike. 
  3. Pay heed to your gut feeling: Does the popular narrative make sense?
  4. Question the veracity of all information, regardless of the source. 
  5. Share your understanding with others who are ready to listen. 
  6. Create camaraderie with other people who share the same values. 
  7. Create a discussion group where the truth is sought and shared.
  8. Be aware and attentive to the following deceitful tactics of information manipulation that are used to control individuals and groups:
  • The philosophy of “For the Greater Good” as a way to remove individual rights and freedoms
  • Relentless repetition of lies and misinformation in the media
  • Blocking and censoring information that disagrees with the mainstream narrative
  • Divide and Conquer techniques that use controversial issues to coerce people and groups into hating each other.
  • Label those who oppose the mainstream narrative (i.e., conspiracy theorists, extremists, anti-vaxxers)
  • Instilling and promoting fear tactics that affect a person’s capacity to think and reason clearly
  • Reinstalling mandated lockdowns, masks, and experimental vaccines
  • Promote safe distancing as an excuse for forbidding people to assemble.     

In the short and long term, the paradigm shift to a multipolar and multilateral world offers a sustainable solution to the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear that grips the general public worldwide. It’s a beacon of hope, a promise of a better future where we recognize each other as fellow human beings and peace and harmony prevail over war and chaos.

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Michael J Dorfman Investigative Author
Michael J Dorfman, an expert and noted author on plant based nutrition, has written this fascinating and provocative new book, Information Warfare - The Battle for Truth and Freedom." Via detailed research and personal anecdotes, he exposes the manipulation of information by the media, corporations, governments, and industries on practically everything that relates to an individual's mental and physical health and well-being.

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